This site is for all the people who call MAUI NUI home — past, present, and future — if even for a moment.  These articles have been compiled with much aloha to honor the fabric of this special place.  I hope you find them interesting and perhaps discover something you didn’t know about MAUI NUI.


Knowledge is powerful. It imbues us with greater understanding and enables us to be better stewards, better decision-makers, and better members of our community. 

ABOUT MAUI NUI continues in the genre of informational articles I wrote for over 3 years as Program Director of Focus Maui Nui, for the Maui Economic Development Board.  These articles spring from unending wonder and curiosity about Maui Nui.  As a 12th generation Mauian I’m inspired to take a deeper look at the issues facing our community.  I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy researching them, and I hope you learn something you might not have known about Maui Nui.

Me ka pono,

Alexa Betts Basinger